Investing in Your Home & Future

Investing in Your Home & Future


At AllergyPlus, we’re asked by a number of visitors on the best way to maximise the potential of a home when it comes to reselling.

Given the current uncertainty in the market, homeowners are looking at how to truly get the best that they can get at their current property rather than looking to buy a new home.

We look at a few ways you can invest your savings into your property and reap the rewards when it finally comes to selling.

An Extension

Did you know that more first-time buyers are looking to purchase their new home in 2019?

They’re looking to get the most out of their money, and you’ll want to do all you can to make your house stand out amongst the rest whilst house sales experience a gradual decline.

A home extension, whether it’s via the loft or extending the ground floor into the garden, is a fantastic way to improve the living space that your home has to offer.

You’ll be able to offer an extra room for the next homeowners to use and utilise. Building an extension based on your budget.

A New Kitchen

When it comes to renovating a property, the kitchen usually is the first room to get a new look.

That’s because in most cases, a brand new kitchen can add the most value to your home compared to a new bedroom or bathroom.

Planning a kitchen renovation can be difficult, but once you’ve got a plan, budget, style and time-frame in place, the outcome is always a fantastic reward.

Your Outdoor Space

It’s always common for the majority of renovations and investment to focus on the interior of a home.

However, renovating your garden space might just give you the edge in clinching that vital sale of your property. Get inspired.

Prospective homeowners want an enjoyable outdoor space to relax and wind down in.

By renovating your garden, it gives you the opportunity to revitalise the wildlife, place new decking and create a quiet, relaxing space.

Renovating your home can require a lot of planning

Home renovation ideas

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